Thoughtful Gift Ideas

A good Christmas gift for a woman is a Christmas coffee mug and gourmet coffee.. . . more
A pretty basket filled with special jams or mustards for Christmas is always appreciated.. . . more
Add to their collection Whatever it is, surprise them with an addition. It doesnt have to be a gift for Mothers/Fathers Day or Christmas, if you make it an anytime gift, it will show how much you appreciate your grandparents.. . . more
Donate to a charity in a loved ones name that provides Christmas gifts to underprivileged children.. . . more
A great Christmas gift for a teenage boy or girl is a really nice wallet. You can include a small note inside and maybe a $10 bill.. . . more
Books always make a great Christmas gift, you can never go wrong if you find out what genre they like and stick to it.. . . more
A great Christmas gift for the sports fan, give them collectible sports cards from their favorite team.. . . more
A great Christmas gift to give more than one child to share is a rainy day box. Include puzzles, crafts, books, dress up clothes and more.. . . more
A great Christmas gift for grandparents or parents is to get children or grandchildren together and have a family portrait taken.. . . more
A nice set of Christmas dish towels and dish cloths makes a great gift.. . . more
A Pound of pistachios in a bag tied with a pretty Christmas bow makes a nice gift.. . . more
Buy a small laundry basket and fill it with necessities. This makes a great Christmas gift for college students or other young adults on their own for the first time.. . . more
Buy a nice pair of binoculars and a bird guide for a loved one for a Christmas gift.. . . more
A basket filled with deli cheese and fruit make a great Christmas gift.. . . more
Buy some inexpensive fabric, and make letter pillows. (ex. For your niece Britney, make a b, etc.). . . more
Buy a teddy bear or other stuffed animal and dress it up in a homemade Santa suit or Christmas dress.. . . more
Buy a small Christmas themed notebook and put together a compilation of family recipes.. . . more
After taking Christmas party photos, prepaid photo developing envelope.. . . more
Another great Christmas gift for teachers is homemade cocoa mix in a pretty jar. Have your child hand paint the jar.. . . more
A great Christmas gift for a female loved one is a pretty box for keepsakes.. . . more

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